Your Financial Journey


This course was created to help provide a safe space for our colleagues in the PT and healthcare field explore and discuss personal finance topics. To gain knowledge, grow comfortable and ultimately improve how they navigate the financial world and know when, how and who to best seek professional guidance from.

What 2 Expect:

  • An intro level course discussing basic financial literacy topics.
  • Terms and topics every PT should be familiar with prior to taking on any significant financial venture or milestone.
  • Topics covered include debt, budgeting, savings/investing, real estate, taxes and retirement
  • Make It Personal! The course provides you with spreadsheets and templates to input your own financial status and create your own written financial plan.
  • 6 modules including 25-45 minute video, PowerPoint and outline of material

It’s never too late or too early to do a health check on your personal finances. If you don’t like what you see, contact a professional to guide you in the direction of your goals!

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