Hamstring Strain Rehab Accelerator

This course provides clinicians the framework, evaluation, planning, and methods to progress a hamstring strain rehab from table to turf.

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What 2 Expect

A combination of lecture and lab detailing the etiology and pathophysiology of hamstring strain injuries, their risk factors, and the evaluation/examination and management using a criterion-based rehabilitation framework. By the end you will feel confident in your ability to logically progress an athlete with a hamstring strain injury from table to turf and beyond. 

By the End of this Course you will:

  • Establish a framework return to play from hamstring strain injury. You will develop or refine the ability to:
    • Build a foundational rehabilitation blueprint
    • Define  principles of reconditioning 
    • Organize a systematic processes
    • Creating agile plans that work in the n=1 reality you will be working in
  • Be able to better identify the etiology and pathophysiology of HSI
  • Identify known and unknown risk factors
  • Construct a thorough assessment that spans the RTP process
  • Organize the rehab process into phases
  • Define logical therapeutic progressions from day 1 to RTP and beyond
  • Enhance your exercise menu and understanding of methods to instill necessary adaptations for return to play
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“This course is designed so that you not only feel confident in hamstring strain injury management, but that you have a better understanding of the pathophysiology of muscle strain injuries in general and feel more confident encountering them in the clinic." - Dr. Greg Ellis, DPT, CSCS

*Approved for 7.25 hours of CEUs (.725) in 40+ States, Details Here