Lower Body Return 2 Sport Testing

An Ecosystem Approach to Return to Sport Testing for the Lower Body.

Dr. Zach Baker & Dr. Josh Funk bring you this online offering to help refine your return to sport decision making process through the utilization of a reliable and repeatable battery of tests and objective checkpoints to confidently and safely return athletes to competition.


You will encounter a variety of lower extremity injuries in your sports medicine career. It is imperative to have an organized and calculated approach to return them safely and at the highest level of performance.


This course will:

  • Help you navigate the return to sport process with confidence and consistency
  • Create a framework to utilize that prioritizes objective checkpoints that meet the demands of their sport
  • Build your confidence to safely return your client to the competition at peak performance.
  • Showcase a battery of tests that are easy to modify to your clinical space and logistics.
  • Remove the emotional and subjective aspect of decision making through utilization of objective tests and checkpoints.


This course is designed to enhance your confidence and clinical competence in ACL rehab. Whether you work with ACL patients regularly or have never seen one in the clinic, you will leave the course with an understanding of how to optimize care, better organize your thoughts and logically design a rehab program throughout the continuum of their care. Over 150 Videos with 5+ hours of content.

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