Concussion Rehab Accelerator

Overwhelmed by the information out there? Unsure of where to begin? This course was designed for you - to help clinicians confidently participate in care for patients with a concussion.

Strengthen your clinical skills in identification, evaluation, education, and treatment for patients suffering from a mild traumatic brain injury

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Approved forย 2.25 Hours of CEUs in 40+ States!,ย Details Here

By the end of this course, you will: 

  • Understand the biomechanics and physiology behind concussion
  • Properly assess and treat the systems affected by concussion
  • Provide a framework for making informed and objective return-to-sport decisions
  • Confidently implement concussion rehab strategies into clinical practice


  • The course will include exercise examples, as well as progressions and regressionsThis exercise database will continue to be updated.

  • Video examples of vestibular, ocular, and exertion testing

  • Patient education section to dispel common myths, give appropriate recommendations, and educate patient for future, following therapy

  • Return to play testing battery and recommendations

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