Clinical Instructor Prep: A Course 2 Lead Your Student 2 Success

Enhance your ability as a Clinical Instructor and take the steps to prepare your clinic, yourself and your upcoming students to have an optimal learning experience. 

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This course is meant to serve those who are stepping into their first role as a Clinical Instructor or to refine the methods and processes for those currently serving that role. By the end of this course we hope to cover the following:

  • Gain an understanding of learning needs of your student
  • Design a schedule/framework for your students clinical experience
  • Implement clinical instruction strategies for an ongoing educational environment
  • Develop an understanding of how to create a high quality clinical experience for your student while maintaining superior patient care
  • Learn strategies of how to recognize and support a student who is high achieving or struggling

“Clinical Instructor Prep is a culmination of our experiences here at Rehab 2 Perform instructing 200+ students company wide. We go over framework and tips for new and established clinical instructors to better serve their students!” - Dr. Jamie Schindler

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